Welcome to my madness!

Since I have a bunch of Cybiko Classics that are sitting around doing very little, I want to breath some new life into them. Cybiko (www.cybiko.com) no longer supports them.

Here are some of the things that I want to get on the Cybiko:

Bootloader - use the builtin monitor in the H8S

Development Toolchain (for cybiko target from W32, Linux, FreeBSD)

Hardware for some kind of expanded memory - Smart Media Card

OS - CyBorn: http://sourceforge.net/projects/cybiko-reborn/

Things to be done:

Phase One

No OS / shell, etc - refining API, no flashing, just downloading and executing with CyOs still resident via .boot files:
LED, Display, Sound, Timer, Keyboard, RTC - working
RF, RS-232 - need work
file system - (new? or copy cybiko for compatibility)

Libraries for general 'C' and graphics:
string, memory, graphics: pixel, lines - working, need some refining.
sprites/blits/bitmap/animation - need work

Phase Two

flash OS to cybiko
Must have: flash loader - download as .boot that will download the os and write to flash
OS - roll out own. I started work on one and I am now caught up in reverse engineering the bootloader so that the work (and code space) can be incorporated into the OS calls.
entry points mapped (should be simple)
app loader (takes file from file system and starts execution)
applications/utilities/shell/etc - notepad-daytimer-games
graphics/icons/sounds and other media for OS

Game support? card shuffleing? dice rolling? 3d? - opengl !?



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